An Introduction to The Adult Social Media

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Introduction to The Adult Social Media Network

    Most adults may be wondering at this point; “What the heck is The Adult Social Media?”, “What do I get when I sign up to this adult social media platform?” and even, “Why should I pay for a social media dating site anyway?” Well, we’re here to answer some of those frequently asked questions about this adult social media network in our ASM Blog area.

Not Just An Adult Forum Site

To begin, The Adult Social Media is the world’s first fully developed adult social network that is geared towards the adult audience. Created in full, for true adult entertainment, this is unlike other “acting” adult forum sites. Not just a couple of adult forums to post on, or share your short story blog.  We offer all of those things and then some. The Adult Social Media has truly designed an all new online adult entertainment environment for all types of fun loving adults, looking for dating, couples looking for some fun sexy intimacy or polyamorous relationships looking to add another partner to their swinger lifestyle dating life.

Some Of Our Adult Social Network Features

Upon registration, the user will notice a redirect to the main adult media feed page. This page, is the main area users post to and will see other public posts from users or from group posts the user has joined. You’ll also notice 3 red lines at the top left to open up the site mobile side menu. Some of these menus include, an adult group area, live cam models area, an adult entertainment area for discounts on some of the hottest clubs and nightlife venues, and many more places. On the top right menu bar, the user will also notice a messaging area that opens up a section of all of the users previous and current conversations. This area also has the functionality of video chatting with other adults members privately.

Along with these areas the user will also notice some of our newest features, a Swipe Dating area and our Adult Social Media Blog area. Unlike other dating apps our users can go back and fourth on profiles reviewing as many users as they would like at anytime. These are also not profiles that are fake or random bots trying to get you into another website wasting your money. No algorithms to hide your dating profile or others profiles! This is Adult Social Media the way it’s supposed to be.

Your Security And Why We Charge

Engineered with privacy, safety and security in mind, this social media platform is paid for many reasons. One of the main reasons we charge is to ensure everyone using the site is above 18 years old.  Your safety and trust is very important to us and this is just how we ensure that. We also use a payment verification to filter out spam bots. This way users truly cherish their profiles, respect the adult community and don’t abuse the platform.

Another point to keep in mind, while you’re out mining for love, these platforms are doing the same to your data all the time. That’s because these apps and sites business models all rely on selling your information. They determine things like this by recording the matches you like and the ads they show you that you swipe on.

We will never data mine our customers, because our customers trust and safety is very important to us. Know that the information you enter is secured, safe and never sold. We never want to profit off of selling any users information. Our 5$/ month fee ensures we can keep the platform running without unknown sales of your personal information behind the scenes. With privacy in mind, we’ve also made all  accounts and its information fully delete upon deactivation of the account.

Make Money With Model Accounts

Models can also sign up for a professional account and earn money credits to tips from streaming live, private video chat sessions, and selling private digital or physical content. Our models and adult members also get first look at any adult toy giveaways that we post on a monthly basis. And have full site access to keep on touch with all types of users.

To sum up, I hope this answered some of your questions.  We see a lot of value in our brand and hope that you all enjoy the new Adult Social Media Blog area and this new social media dating site that we have created for you all.  Our main mission is to provide a space for adults to be adults without judgment and to freely be able to express their sexuality.


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