Erotic Adult Stories

“Sexual Lifestyle Begennings”

The night was still young when she stepped into the club. Sensual tunes and a pair of knowing eyes welcoming her after checking the piece of paper. She received the invitation in the mail with a thumping heart and the most excited smile. Her fingers traced over the golden cursive letters of the ticket placed inside the tiny velvet box. It was finally going to happen, she thought, her mind racing to all the possibilities.

Right now her heart was thumping even more if that was possible, almost jumping out of her chest. A line of red velvet couches was placed on the right side of the club, matching the damask pattern on the walls. She walked towards the bar on the other side of the room, noticing some people whispering as she passed by. It must be because she was new, the girl thought, but ignored everything when she made eye contact with the bartender and ordered her favorite drink. 

While waiting for her drink, she looks around. She wished she could go up to a group of people and strike up a conversation like it was no big deal, but something held her back. She thanked her bartender when he returned a moment later with her glass and she throws another glance around. People were making out in the furthest corner, hands grabbing everywhere as if they have been deprived of it for so long and their lives depended on getting with each other. The girl bites her lower lip stirring her drink; she wishes that would be her, a stranger’s hands feeling her up while she gets hot and heavy and then his partner steps in and they have the time of their life. Too lost in her thoughts, she does not even realize when the seats on her left and right are occupied by a couple who are eyeing her up and down. 

“Hey there,” the male voice spoke up, waking her from reverie. “Is this your first time? I don’t think we saw you around the club before.”

The girl looks to her side removing a few strands of hair from her face; the man was a few years older than her, dark hair slicked back, and bright eyes curling up as he smiled at her. She noticed his formal outfit and the way he stood with one hand on the bar, fingers tapping lightly to the rhythm of the music. His other hand on the whiskey glass as he raised it slightly, mouthing a “cheers” while she did the same. They both take a gulp before she responds to his questions.

“Yes, you’re right, it’s my first time. I am a little nervous,” she laughs, playing with her drink again. 

The woman on her left side places a hand on her shoulder and the girl returns the smile to the couple.

“It’s ok, it was the same for all of us. We were all nervous during our first time, but you will lose the tension soon enough, trust me. We can help you if you let us.”

The red-headed woman seemed almost the same age as her, dressed in a black strapless dress and a red velvet choker. She introduced herself as Scarlett, the wife of the man standing on the next chair which she later found out was named Tyler. They have been married for a couple of years, and Scarlett was the first one to introduce the swinger experience to him. She has been a part of this lifestyle since before the two of them married and later on they created their own club for other couples and single persons willing to let loose and experiment with no strings attached.

“You should have seen him in the beginning, scared as a baby,” Scarlett laughed, holding the girl’s hand in her own. “There is nothing to worry about, just enjoy the experience. Your first time will be one of a kind, mark my words.” 

The corners of her lips rise with each story the older woman told her about all the amazing experiences she had. She agreed to all Scarlett has told her, and then she made her choice. Another sip of the drink before she places it on the counter and leans back, looking at the couple. Tyler’s eyes were almost drawing her bare picture in his mind, licking his lips, staring at her cleavage line and the way her garter thighs became slightly visible under her short dress.

The girl was not sure if it was the alcohol slowly building in her system or the alluring atmosphere and the arousing music or the way everybody seemed to have found a partner for the night, but she leaned towards Scarlett. Her eyes narrow, staring at her smirk. Scarlett waits for her to make the first move, her brown eyes switching between the girl’s cherry-painted lips and the way she batted her lashes. 

“Will you please make my first night one to remember?” 

“It would be our pleasure.” 

Scarlett smiled and she couldn’t deny the fact that when the girl’s lips softly pressed against hers it caught her by surprise. Her hand rose to her cheek, holding her close as their kiss deepened, teeth grazing over Scarlett’s lower lip asking her for more. She couldn’t forget Tyler either, and she almost giggled imagining his reaction when she parted her legs slightly in his direction allowing him to take a peek at her lace underwear. His palm caressed the exposed skin of her thigh. 

He cleared his throat, staring at the two beautiful women.

“Why don’t we take this somewhere more private, sweethearts? I see someone is quite impatient.” 

The couple takes her hand, leading her through the crowd of people. Tyler pulls the red curtain to the side and the girl’s eyes widen in amazement. The hidden side of the club was made up of different smaller rooms which reminded her of a hotel. She could not see inside, but the faint moans coming from the inside let her know almost all of them were occupied. A tight knot forms in her stomach and she gulps, almost shaking from the excitement. They walk through the dimly lit corridor and stop behind Tyler. He opens the door and Scarlett is the first one to step inside. The room was simple, with only a bed, an armchair, and a large mirror through which the girl could see all of their movements. Another moan was heard before Tyler closed the door and hang the “ROOM IS TAKEN” sign on the doorknob.

She was unsure what to do next and allowed Scarlett and Tyler to take the ropes and show her around. She was caught in a feisty kiss by Scarlett, lips smashing against each other as Tyler watched from the armchair in the corner of the room. Scarlett’s hand traveled around her waist pulling her closer and she encouraged the younger to do the same. One hand moved lower, lifting the side of her dress to reveal her thigh highs much to Tyler’s delight. He leaned forward in his chair and made a sign with his hand for them to come closer. 

“Do you want to take it slow?” He asks, pushing a few strands of blonde hair out of her face. 

The girl shakes her head. 

“I am good, I want you two. I want us to feel good together.”

Scarlett’s grin at her words widens, and she kisses Tyler while the girl joins them a second later. It was the first time she ever felt something like this; it was messy and heated, their tongues tangled in each other. A soft moan escaped her throat, and the couple smiled fondly. Tyler unzipped his pants and Scarlett is palming him through his white underwear. The blonde girl leans forward as well and kisses the fabric over his bulge, feeling his erection grow bigger and bigger. His clothes are on the floor a moment later and both women kneel in front of him. Scarlett allows her to go first, and she takes the base between her fingers as she licks the red tip like a small kitten. His partner joins her and they both start playing with his erection, their tongues moving up and down his shaft while Scarlett’s hand massaged his lower part. The blonde bobbed her head up and down before staring into Tyler’s eyes. 

Through hooded lids he wanted to whisper a “keep going” but instead a raspy moan came out and the girl felt the tight knot from her stomach drop lower. As their tongues meet again, swirling around Tyler’s tip, they share his sweet pre-cum giggling like schoolgirls. 

“Darling, I think we should take care of this beautiful lady,” Scarlett smiles when she notices the pool forming between the girl’s hips. 

They discarded the rest of their clothes on the way to the bed, Scarlett slowly pushing her to fall back onto the silk white sheets before crawling next to her. Their lips meet, lipstick smudged now and lust taking over her shyness. Scarlett unclasps the girl’s bra and throws it on the floor. Her head falls back with a loud gasp when she feels Tyler’s fiery breath over her clothed core. He parted her thighs, teasing her wetness with his index before pulling down her lace thongs with his teeth.

“Aren’t you a stunner,” he says, staring down at her naked body.

The blonde moans in return. Her hands snake around Scarlett’s body, lips sucking on the sensitive spot on her neck when she comes closer. The crimson mark she left made her smile and the other woman giggles. Tyler’s lips move around her core, sucking and nibbling at the skin. A wave of moan leaving both women’s throats when the girl finds Scarlett’s sweet spot and curls two digits inside of her. She moves them up and down, feeling the other get wetter with each movement. Her thighs close around Tyler’s head when his tongue darts in and out of her and he sucks on her clit next.

Her eyelids fall shut. She forgets everything else, letting the pleasure and lust control her actions. The rest of the world has been long forgotten, and all she cared about right now was feeling as high as the Heavens and as hot as Hell.

Switching positions, she was now kneeling on the bed, her juices dripping down her thigh and onto the silky sheets as Tyler aligned himself at her entrance. She whines when he teases past her swollen folds with just the tip. Scarlett is sitting in front of her and on top of her husband, her juices smoldering his face while he licks and sucks greedily, each drop not wishing to leave any of it to spill. 

The girl fondles Scarlett’s firm breasts, fingers pinching and squeezing them a little too hard when Tyler pushes himself fully inside her tight hole. Her head throws back as she rides his big cock and Scarlett leans a bit forward, taking one nipple in between her teeth. The moans grow even louder and she feels as if she is going crazy from all the pleasure. Her lips find Scarlett’s salty skin again and she moans against her neck, wishing to leave another mark for the other woman to remember her after the night will be over.

Their bodies move in unison, in the same old rhythm as if all three of them have been doing this since the beginning of time. They found each other’s sweet spots, teasing and whining while begging for more. 

“I hope this night won’t end,” the girl mutters to herself. 

“Maybe it won’t,” Tyler chuckles, holding her hips in place.

She bites her lips looking at how perfect they all fit together and another whine dies on her lips along with both their names when Tyler hits that heavenly spot and she notices Scarlett pressing two fingers on her wetness. She licks them clean and holds her tongue out placing the same digits underneath the blonde’s chin guiding her towards her mouth. 

“Do you taste this good because we’re making you cry with pleasure and shiver with all your body?” 

The younger nods and she can still feel her own taste lingering on Scarlett’s tongue. 

They switch places again and the blonde girl takes a step back, watching the married couple take the major part of the show. Scarlett’s is on all fours, face buried in the sheets, her knuckles turning white with how hard she is gripping them. 

“Do you like what you see?” Tyler asks the blonde. 

She purrs and spreads her legs wider, showing off her burning clit and the way her hot juices drip out of her cunt with each clockwise motion her fingers did on her skin. A hand grips her own breast, nails digging into the skin when Scarlett whines and pleads Tyler to go faster. 

Soon enough Scarlett’s whole body shakes and the girl closes her eyes, feeling the same intense pleasure as her. The older woman moves to the side, panting, her entire body covered in sweat while still watching with lustful eyes her husband and their new play partner.

“Come here, pretty girl, we said we will make your first night in the swinger club one to remember and we will.” 

She bites her lips, trying to hide how excited she actually is about his words. Tyler is sitting on top of her, holding her hands above her heads as he smashes into her-now swollen cunt without another word. His movements are harsher than before. Her legs wrap around his waist to give him a better angle, and she moans louder when the thrusts get deeper and rougher. It was just like she loved it: raw and hard. 

Her back arches away from the silk sheets, her palms grip his forearm as he holds her and place and fucks into her ready to chase his own high. She sees Scarlett through half-closed eyelids and the way her fingers were lazily pumping in and out of her slit. A rush of pleasure makes the blonde’s body tremble underneath his large frame, and one last moan goes past her messed up lips and echoes into the night. 

“Fuck,” Tyler swears and Scarlett crawls over as he is about to cum. 

“ Don’t keep it to yourself, give us some as well,” his wife whines. 

Tyler pumps his erection one more time before his seed covers the two women’s abdomen and paints their chest in white as well.

“You should see how pretty you both look right now.”

Struggling to regain her composure, the blonde looks around. The two of them were sprawled around the bed, eyes closed, and she smiled to herself. She tries to find her clothes, but something pulls her to stay a little longer with her playmates. This was definitely a night to remember, and she knows this was just the beginning. The best fun is yet to come.