A New Sensual Virtual Online Date

The alarm on her  phone announced to her it was time for another sleepless night. She should be used to it by now, but her heart is still beating fast at the thought of all those eyes admiring her, watching her every move so intensely, her sensual virtual online date was truly amazing. 

Her outfit was already on, a skimpy schoolgirl skirt which allowed her whole ass to be on display when she bent over, and a white shirt which was too small for her breasts, the lower part exposed to the camera, and their eyes. She knew how much they loved it when she wore this type of outfit, and she decided it was time for a sweet and kinky treat. Her hair tied in two high pigtails as she played with the fluffy pillows. The background was decided beforehand, the entire room painted in crimson color and the large mirror placed behind her so the viewers could get a full shot of her body and her collection of toys she kept next to the computer.

Logging onto the site, she could remember the first time she stumbled upon this social media on a late night when she had one too many glasses of wine and was searching for a way to make a couple of extra dollars to pay rent. The Adult Social Media Network was unlike any other social media network she saw before, there were chat rooms where you could interact with other members and each person had a private profile to post pictures, videos, or live stream anything adult content related. As she clicked through the tags and categories, she encountered from exotic dancers to mistresses ready to make you feel the sweetest pain to college girls like herself with bright smiles and flirty eyes in search of sugar daddies. And then she came across the last category, the cam girls, and her stomach flipped watching one of the free live streams; the ebony girl joking and flirting with her viewers while the hundreds of dollars in donations kept rising.

“This is what I have to do,” she told herself that same night as she registered on the adult social media site, feeling as if something was unconsciously pulling her towards it. And now in a little over a year her life completely turned around and she could not be happier.

That night she did not think that her alias as FieryKitty661 would become as popular as it did. Starting the live shows with just a couple of viewers and then in a month jumping towards one hundred. She does remember the smiles, the heavy sighs, and all the people she encountered along the way who told her that she is not cut out for this job, that other models are doing a better job than her. But most importantly, she remembers-him.

Just the thought about him makes her giggle as her cheeks turn pink. He was one of the first viewers she ever had; supporting her and sending her donations to keep her going along with the sweetest words in the chatroom of her live shows. 

“eddishere23: your smile always makes me happy, Kitty.”

“eddishere23: you are the best woman in the world, Kittycat, I could watch you forever.”

“eddishere23: you really are one feisty Kitty, love the way your body comes undone each time you cum. One day I will see that in person.”

When she turned on the cam show and the red light of her camera flickered, she put on her best smile, dimples on display along with a toothy grin. She waved with both hands as her loyal viewers gathered one by one, each of them showering her with compliments and lustful remarks about her body and the way her outfit hugged her curves just enough to make them crave more.

“Have you missed me, sweethearts? I sure did, but I have been pretty busy recently and I could not come online as much as before. I promise I will make it up to you with a special live show today,” she giggled as she leaned back against one of the pillows. 

Her eyes go over the nicknames list on the right side of the screen, searching for him. She couldn’t contain her smile when his name appeared in bold, golden letters as he was her number one VIP viewer and right after a generous donation along with the message “Did you miss me, Kitty? I will make it up to you soon, beautiful.”

“You will need more than a donation to make it up to his kitten,” she grinned, throwing her head back and letting her palm travel down her abdomen.

Toying with the hem of her white shirt, she lifts it just enough for the viewers to get a better view of her chest. Her gaze follows the trail of comments and she giggles, cupping her boobs together and kneeling forward. 

“Am I a naughty girl? Oh, I thought I am a wonderful girl, my lovelies, would a naughty girl be this good to you?” she spoke twirling a red strand of hair around her index. 

The comments grew as she puckered her red lips and blew a kiss towards the camera. She moves her bangs and leans on all four pulling her collection of toys in the frame. “Should we go with pink or purple today?” Another look at the comments and she laughs, jiggling the pink vibrator they chose in front of the camera. 

“Should we start the show now, my darlings? I have been feeling hot and bothered lately.”

“Is this better, Kitty? What else do I need to do to make it up to my beautiful girl?” a second donation came through right as the girl’s fingers were rubbing the fabric of her shirt against her nipples. 

“I think you already know, Mister eddishere23.” 

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Murmuring the last words, her mind flooded with memories of her and him. She was reluctant to respond to his private messages and friend request at first, but he was not like the others. She soon realized he loved her for being the nerdy college girl she was during the day and not just the sexy kitten during her cam shows. He did not call her hot or sexy or send her lewd messages to attract her attention, instead; he called her beautiful as if that was her name and sent her flowers during Thursday’s morning for no reason other than he liked her. The girl with the fire hair began to look forward to his messages every day, and she could not help but fantasize about him after finally seeing his pictures. He was not much older than her, a tall frame and toned body which she loved to kiss with every occasion she got. 

The girl switched her gaze between the camera and the chat room. Swallowing hard seeing his comments urging her to take the outfit off because he missed seeing her body. The pool between her legs grew bigger as the thoughts about the countless nights they spent together made her feel so needy.

She did not believe him at first when he asked her to be his girlfriend, but Edward was not a man who gave up easily. He spent thousands of dollars on her like it was nothing and never let her go to sleep without a good night message. The girl has met more men on the adult social media network, but none of them made her feel butterflies the way Edward did.

He did not even care about her work and always encouraged her, always present during her live shows and making her feel as if she was the only girl in the world. The red-headed girl knew she had fallen hard during one of their dinner dates when she leaned over the table and kissed him hard, telling him to make her his as if it was the last thing she would ever do. And he did and now his beautiful angel, as he calls her cannot get him out of her mind or heart.

The girl leans forward lifting her ass in the air allowing the viewers to see the way her fingers moved up and down her sticky underwear. She was already so wet even when she has barely touched herself. Taking the purple vibrator in her other hand she pulls the thong to the side allowing her slick folds to brush over the toy. A mewl escapes her throat, inserting it inch by inch. It was big, and it reminded her of Edward’s cock, the way he always filled her up so deliciously. 

“I think we will make a mess today,” she giggles and points towards the drops on her shaky thighs. 

She sways her hips with the dildo still inside her, the moans not stopping as she finally pulls the skirt down and throws it to the side. One manicured finger presses against her clit, the silver rings on her fingers making her hiss because of the coldness. She pulls the toy out, showing it to the camera as it soaked in her juices. The comments continue to flow, asking for more, telling her they wish they could taste her and if she tastes as sweet as she looks.

Her eyes fall on Edward’s comment and she can’t help but throw her head back imagining he is there with her and the finger curling inside her pussy is his.

“eddishere23: you’d be surprised. She tastes even better than that. Come on baby, show them how loud you can be.”

Her other hand grips her boobs, fingers digging into the skin and tugging at the sensitive nipples. Head thrown back in ecstasy, she almost forgets she is on a live show and softly purrs Edward’s name.

She knows the effect this has on her lover and she wants him to come over and throw her on her couch, having her way with her right then and there. Raw, hard as one hand snakes around her throat and he whispers sweet nothings in her ear while he is deep inside her wet pussy.

The girl’s little game does not last long because Edward knows what she wants, he can tell even through the computer’s screen that she needs him and his touch and he did too. Craving her to be only his forever, needing to feel her beside him each night, all his senses and his soul consumed by her. Her silly smile each time they whisper I love you during the dark nights, her brown eyes promising him to be his even in a next lifetime.

He is on his way to her apartment now, messages on her phone announcing his arrival, that he will be right over and take care of his beautiful baby like no one else ever did. But his kitten is too lost in her own ecstasy, back arching and hands travelling along her body. Her eyelids flutter open, reading the comments before she removes the last item of clothing.

She takes the lower lip between her teeth, passing her tongue over the lipstick. She laughs feeling the cherry taste before moving backward to the camera allowing the viewers to take in her bare body. Tiny frame almost shaking in pleasure as she turns the vibrator on for the second time. Her thighs close around it, the vibration making her whole body twist and the only thing in her mind now is how much she wants Edward to be next to her and see her so worn out, legs spread in front of the camera. Hundreds of eyes watching her touch herself and doing it along with her, her name falling from their lips like a mantra.

Her eyebrows furrow and her mouth turns into an “o” shape. Her body jolts when the first wave of her climax hits her, she falls against the pillow unable to control her movements. The red head spreads her legs, two fingers sliding her silky folds to the side, and she lets her dearest viewers see all of her. Hot juices drip onto the fluffy pillows as her loud moans echo in the room.

“Shit,” she mumbles, feeling it still hard to breathe. “Was that a good show, sweetheart?” She tries to get up and comes closer to the camera, pushing her boobs together and jiggling them, laughing. “This was my second treat,” she whispers and winks in the camera’s direction.

The girl stands up, making a pirouette with a grin. “I should get changed, my lovelies, no? I know, I know you love seeing my naked body.” She laughs when the comments oppose. Stepping away from the camera, she picks up one of the many shirts Edward forgot at her place. It was long enough to cover her ass and she could not deny the fact that she wore it mostly because it still smelt like him. Musk and vanilla, the one that always swept her off her feet.

The girl reads the comments for another couple of minutes, joking with them and making jokes about how much the viewers love seeing her naked and that one of these days she might hold a fully dressed cam show.

The smile on her face is soon replaced with a smirk, teeth grazing over her lower lip when she finally checks the messages on her phone. “I can’t wait until your show is over. I am coming over, my love. I missed you so much, I can’t wait to see you and feel you next to me. Enjoy the rest of your show, Kitty, I will be there soon.”

She can’t hide her excitement, her heart thumping in her chest. She patiently waited for Edward to come back from his overseas work trip for two weeks, but right now she felt as if she could almost go crazy. The red head ponders whether to press the green button and call her lover, but decides not to. Instead, she focuses her attention back on the show and thanks all her viewers for the donations and the time they spent with her.

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“I hope you all enjoyed the show, sweethearts. I will be back next week…”

Her words get lost when she hears the doorbell ring. The corners of her lips turn upwards and she waves at the camera before blowing a kiss.

The girl takes a deep breath before rushing to the door, knocking the pillows on her way. But she could not care less in that moment. All she needed was to be in Edward’s arms. “Finally,” she mumbles to herself when the door opens.

“Hello, love. Did my beautiful girl miss me?”

She can barely nod because Edward’s lips are already on hers, his fingers tracing down her neckline to the spot where it used to be a love mark he left before departing. The rouge spot is long gone, and he decides it is time for a new one. His mouth draws kisses all over the girl’s cheeks, arms pulling her as close as he could when she wraps her legs around his waist.

“I missed you too much,” came her response before her head fell back and she realized she is in for a long night.