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Why Social Swing Thing?

After searching through all the lesbian dating sites and apps, trying to find the best privacy, something with a fun adult queer community. Looking for a truly nudity friendly, fun dating site, without all the fake profiles, a real adult lesbian singles dating site! Meanwhile, finding nothing, we decided to create what the nightlife community needs, now, one of the best, adult social media sites!


adult social media

The entire site is members only. Providing a private message platform to have adult social media chat entertainment. Find and flirt with singles or couples. Checkout our amazing adult chat areas.

Nudity & Privacy

On this social media platform, nude photos are allowed! Our team has set up safety measures, like disabling right mouse click and saving images.

Adult Friendly Environment

Created for people who want to adult chat and socialize in a safe and playful environment. Age verification required. As a result, this helps keeps fake profiles and bots out.

Models / Entertainers

Now Models and Entertainers can Live Stream, make money, and work from your own home.

Club Promoters

Promote your night club and get more business with a whole new adult community!

LGBTQ+ Friendly

Furthermore, we accept everyone and have individual forums and groups for every preference. If we don’t, email or dm us to add more!

Lesbian Dating





Become a member today and discover what you’ve been missing from all the other lesbian dating sites and lesbian dating apps. The sexy side of social media is here. Most importantly, without all the fake profiles and bots like other online dating sites.





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Everyone wants an Adult social media dating app, we do too. However, we need some help funding this project.

Any donor gets a free members account for an entire year.

With a mobile application, we would have the resources to help you keep in touch with the ones you want to talk to the most, at all times. This will also help streamline the signup process and make sure your application is always up to date and works properly.